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In 1987, husband and wife Louie and Terry Bautista established GTJ Glass and Aluminum Supply and Installation to provide for clients seeking glass products with excellent quality and great value. During that time, GTJ is merely engaging in wholesale and retail of glass and aluminum but as the years passed, GTJ started accepting iron works and stainless steel fabrication.

By October 2005, GTJ Glass and Aluminum Supply and Installation underwent an inevitable branding into a new business name of Craftsmen Enterprises. Along with the name refurbishment is the expansion of services to wooden doors, panels, and furniture. Currently, Craftsmen Enterprises has now four departments.

Today, the firstborn of the Bautista couple manages the Glass Awards and Giveaways Department. This department manufactures refined glass plaques, glass trophies, glass medals, and glass etched souvenirs such as paperweights, wineglasses and scotch glasses, and more. In 2015, the Glass Awards and Giveaways department expanded their product materials to brass, stainless and acrylic material, providing clients with a wider set of options.

Craftsmen Enterprises believes there should be no expense spared when creating their products and this is evident from the excellent work they have been displaying for many decades!